Michele Berman

The art of adornment has always held a fascination for Michele Berman. After many years of studying indigenous jewelry making traditions in her extensive world travels, Michele settled in New York to pursue her career as a goldsmith and designer. She trained at numerous schools in New York and then apprenticed to the renowned jewelry artist, Hiroko Streppone. Michele moved on to work at the notable jewelry firm of Barry Kieselstein-Cord for several years. In that dynamic learning environment she perfected the technical skills needed to create her own line, and in the year of 2000 she founded Michele Berman Jewelry with the vision of producing timeless jewelry that is both classic and contemporary. Each Michele Berman piece maintains a standard of excellence in craftsmanship, while evoking the romance and beauty found in everyday life. Her collection can be viewed at select retail shows, and by private appointment in her New York City Studio.